SFM Digital Skills Platform

The Digital Skills Platform is a daily microlearning experience that is:


Find out your digital strengths and weaknesses, set learning goals, and get help from a free personal trainer.


SFM’s microlearning method makes learning faster and more effective. You’ll build up knowledge with highly engaging 60–120 second videos.


Learning should translate into performance. SFM’s expert lessons and learning challenges help you connect what you learn to the actions you need to take to see results in your business.

Microlearning allows for accelerated curriculum training with a higher learner retention rate.

Courses Included:

Basic Blogging Course
Online Marketing Course
Twitter Ads Course
Facebook Ads Course
Facebook Pages Course
LinkedIn Ads Course
Google Adwords Course
Wordpress Website Course
Wordpress SEO Course
Foursquare Course
GMail Course
Google Analytics Course
Google Plus Course
GoToMeeting Course
Hootsuite Course
Instagram Course
iPad Course
iPhone Course
Facebook Course
LinkedIn Course
Mint Accounting Course
MOZ Course
Google Chrome Course
Online Security Course
Paypal Course
Recommended Applications Course
Retargeter Advertising Course
SEO Course
Skype Course
Tumbler Course
Dropbox Course
Twitter Course
Video SEO Course
Amazon Course
Amazon Global Seller Course
YouTube Course
Zoom Course
Google Hangouts Course

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