5 Words That All Successful Entrepreneurs Know… Even You?

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When speaking to Entrepreneurs there are common words that get used quite frequently throughout the industry.
These words are:



This means to agree, in harmony. In business it is important to be congruent (meaning throughout all of your advertising and marketing you want to be consistent.) You can't be writing an article about eating healthy food one day and then posting the next day talking about how much fast food you ate over the weekend.

That just isn't great marketing and you're not going to win over your audience if you're preaching one thing and then not living up to the other. With your marketing you want to keep your business colors, logo, email signature the same across all platforms. It's consistent and your audience will be able to quickly identify you.



An influential person that comes into your life is someone who has a great influence on someone or something.
These are people who are usually leaders in their field with knowledge and a background in what they talk about.

Their actions and opinions strongly influence the course of events and have more passion than most in their interest.



If you're a diligent worker, you don't just bang away at your job; you earnestly try to do everything right the first time.
Diligent people are often punctual, self-motivated and have perseverance without complaining. Diligent people also demonstrate an eagerness to learn new things in order to improve personal skill sets.

A diligent person often takes initiative to complete tasks rather than waiting to be told what to do by people.
They will also complete tasks no matter how unpleasant or difficult, they will do their absolute best. They will follow through with the task and not look at cutting any corners.


Paradigm Shift

Of course, this means to apply a fundamental change in the way you think or the way that you act. This is something that you need to think about with all aspects of your business and it is a great way for you to make the right decisions.

This “change of thinking” can be applied in the way people view marketing, social media, world events etc. where a new way of thinking about a situation can bring enlightenment.



A Millennial is someone who was born after 1980 and reaches adulthood around the year 2000. This is a group of very influential people and are often viewed as the rise of the technological age as this group has been born around the time of computers and have a grasp on the technical side of today's society.

Millennial's are portrayed in the media as being lazy with no ambition but are also known for waking up to the general views of society and rising above the lies of the “Middle-Class” mentality that they have seen fail their parents and grandparents.

Where politicians have told them that save your money, get a loan, go to university, buy a house, settle down, get a stable job and eventually you'll earn enough money, then the government will look after you when you retire.

Millennial's have figured out that this was a total scam.
Made by politicians to get the votes for the politicians and they've seen their parents suffer because of it.

That's why we've seen an increase in home-based businesses in the last few years.

People seeking how they can be independent and not having to rely on government handouts to keep them going after retirement or they're looking to help their parents who are struggling after retirement age.

It's important to keep up with the latest words and terminology being used within your industries each year.
If you can think of any more, please add them below in our comment section.



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