The Missing School Course

The Missing School Course

A course in life after school?

Have you ever wondered what have you actually learned after you have finished school? The missing course in school was how to survive the outside world 101.
Had we had the option of a course that would have taught us what we should have expected after we have completed our secondary education or university most of us may have taken that course.
How different would it have been if we all knew how to set our lives up financially and how exactly would we all be better off?

If you have ever wondered how people get rich, stay rich, then you are not alone. At the end of the day, we are not taught how to make money, how to save money and then how to multiply our money so it can generate more even more money for effortlessly.

I often wondered how much quicker I could have progressed in life personally as well as financially had I known my full potential at a much younger age if I had more education around finance.
We’re not taught in schools how to save and invest our money or how to develop a business financial mindset to attract and multiply money to begin with.
Instead all we see is the money going in, and money going out of our bank accounts, but for most they see more money that goes out of their account that doesn’t often bring back more money back in return.


Imagine if we all were taught how to be rich in school.

Imagine… if teachers taught as at a younger age how we could create a profitable Business and set ourselves up financially for our future.
If you were to ask anyone who has completed their final education what they think the most scariest thing is about leaving school and most of them will tell you that they don’t really want to grow up and take on the full responsibilities of being an adult. It’s scary after all, and that’s why we need to rethink the whole school education system.
Are we preparing our youth for a future outside of schooling?


We’re all chasing the same dream.

The one of being financially free and having time freedom.
The flexibility to live our lives on our own terms.
To be the architects of our lives.
The author to our own life’s story and…
The creators of our own destiny.

The advice that is passed on by successful people is that anyone has the potential to be successful if they’re looking to invest.
The biggest investment you can ever make is in yourself.
By building yourself up to become more knowledgeable, healthy, active and obsessed with becoming a better you!

We all wish we could have been given a course that gave us a head start in life. Either way, time is precious and you need to take a look at how much time you need to waste in order to realize that the opportunity of a lifetime has been right in front of you all along. It all starts with creating a strong financial business mindset and learning about how to save, spend and grow your money wisely.


Where to start?

Robert Kiyosaki who wrote the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” is the #1 personal finance book of all time.
The book tells the story of Robert Kiyosaki and his two dads. His real dad and his best friend’s dad who was rich.
Both fathers had different ideas about money and they shaped his thoughts about investing and his management of money.

  • Robert Kiyosaki’s two dads – One with a rich mindset and one with a poor mindset.
  • The difference between assets and liabilities.
  • What the rich teach their kids.
  • Understanding your house is not an asset but a liability.
  • How strong financial skills are important.
  • The importance of investing.

We might not yet have these courses available in our school system but there are a large amount of books and speakers around the world that are willing to teach us how to be better financially off.

Be sure to grab a copy of  “Rich Dad Poor Dad” as it was the very first book gifted to me when I first started my online business and it has been a great influence in my financial success.



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